by We Stole Fire

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released May 23, 2012

All music and lyrics written and recorded by We Stole Fire.
EP produced by Kiefer McCrickerd.
Artwork by Charlie Simpson -



all rights reserved


We Stole Fire Brighton, UK

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Track Name: I Miss Home, Sometimes
Beside the tides,
What's left for us here,
We'll be taken from the shore,
And pulled down to the pier,
And in the dead of night,
I heard you speak of time,
As reluctantly I chose to find,
Some better use of mine

Despite the shaking walls,
That put us to the floor,
I miss home sometimes,
And until clarity washes over me I'll be,
Back there in my mind

I've just been counting down days, nights, weeks,
This all looks different now,
I'll never get used to the run down surround,
The walls seem closer and the lights hold no answer,
If we ventured outside I fear we'd never come back to life,
No matter how hard we pretend to try

Led in this room,
Covered in consequence,
These real events,
That wrap themselves around me,
And I'll never get used, to the fight I need in me to fight you

Beside the tide,
I'll swim to the shore,
With no sense of what is here anymore,
Track Name: For All I Should Have Said
This is the last of this conversation,
I'm sick of running through things like we're trying to fix some mediocre flaw,
Don't cover your eyes,
It's not a pretty sight but I think it might be what we need to wake us up from here

With every taste of you I take a step to losing someone else,
Leave slowly now

'Cause we're from different worlds and I,
Hold on to the thought of losing out on what's caused me to be this way,
I'm too caught up in you again,
Who's to say that I'm too blame,
For losing myself this way

That awkward moment when I am not allowed to say,
I'm sorry, for thinking, you were worth this sinking feeling,
And it's so one sided, when I'm reminded that,
You're not here, insincere, I am wasting all these letters on you
Track Name: Standing Strong In Grey
This is like, looking in the mirror this time last year,
Skeletal remains in place of what I pictured to be here,
How many times have you doubted yourself,
How many days have you spent down and out,
It's never enough to repeat words of good intention

I said don't,
Don't let this go,
I said don't you're making mistakes,
You're making mistakes again

You used to be someone to inspire,
But now you barely make the cut,
With hands bound, head down,
You are not what I see with my eyes tight shut

She said pull yourself up,
And dust yourself down,
You'll never find anything with your face to the ground

Show me your empty hands,
As inviting as you can,
Our colours fade but I stood strong in grey,
And is this the part where we,
Find peace in only sleep,
Our colours fade but I stood strong in grey

If I sit here, long enough,
I'll block the noise, with hands pressed to my temple tight,
Suffocating hands,
If you could only speak, loud enough,
I'll block the noise, with hands pressed to my temple tight,
To my temple tight
Track Name: Trigger Happy
It's crazy what a look can do,
It can grip you by the skin,
And tear you in two,
And every time I try to see straight, I'm met,
With the twists and turns of your concerns,
I guess you could say that my mind is on replay

And it's clear that you never let go of the hold you once had on me

If you know where I'm heading,
Light my path with past mistakes,
I will learn from yours and repeat mine incase

I'm barely awake, in this state that you left me in,
If I could lift my head I would try to see past this but,
For now I'll sleep, I will sleep,
Your secrets safe but you'll never be safe with me

Does this make it all okay?